We make solar energy accessible and affordable to all. We help you bring down your day to day life costs by bringing green natural and cheap power through a onetime installation at your facility (residential, institutaional & commercial). With 25 years warranty on solar pnel, we also take care of all the maintenance and repair needs so that you can relax and focus on better things in life.

Abram solar is committed to delivereing a greener future by:

  • Providing technical excellence to ensure the successful delivery of sustainable solar energy projets promptly and in budget.
  • Delivering outstanding service to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of solar energy projects.
  • Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to local and regional communitiesacross india.
  • To create value for our clients by successfully harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled multi disciplinary engineering team in the design, delivery and operation of high quality sustainable energy solutions.


  • Solar investment is returned in less than 5 years.
  • No interconnection problems, No wheeling charges and transmission losses.
  • Insulation from likely increase in energy cost.
  • Long Life (25 years).
  • Low operation & Maintenance.
  • Clean, Quiet and Visually Unobtrusive.
  • Long Term Energy Security.
  • Accelerated tax depreciation
  • Energy independence


Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. Depending on factors, solar panels/Bio-gas Plant help you save on your electricity bill.

Net Metering is an eco-friendly idea that encourages the power consumers to adopt the generation of solar power to manage their demand and supply of electricity.

Environment 86-98% Less Greenhouse Gases than electricity generated from coal, 86-89% Less Water used compared to coal, 80% Less Land occupied or transformed, 95% Lower Toxicity to humans. State/Central Government’s policies made mandatorily to install solar on Residential and Commercial Buildings qualifying certain conditions. Organizations who adopt sustainable practices as part of their CSR responsibilities will help lowering carbon footprint.