Roof & Wall

standard steel panels are 0.5 mm or 0.6 mm thick and have a minimum yield strength of 345 MPa. Steel panels are hot dipped and galvanized with zinc or zinc-aluminium coating. Galvanized materials conform to G90 for 275 grams per square metre according to ASTM A653. Zinc-Aluminium coated materials conform to AZ150 according to ASTM A792.

Abram Udyog panels are prepared with a multilayered coating system to ensure long life and optimum coating adherence. The base material is pretreated, before applying a corrosion resistant primer and top coat. The combined thickness of the painted film is 25 microns on the front side and 12 microns on the reverse side.

RIB / Roof

Roof profile is strong and cost effective and was developed specifically for roofing applications. The bearing leg design permits easier installation and maintenance, supports thicker layers of insulation and allows easier curvature for a visually appealing finish.

Coverage Area:1000 mm
Rib Depth:32 mm


Wall is a cost effective, partially concealed fastener panel with a sculptured valley shape between the major ribs for a superior architectural look for external walls.

Coverage Area:1000 mm
Rib Depth:26 mm

Concealed Fastener

Concealed Fastener Single Skin Cladding

The concealed fastener single skin cladding type is used for exterior wall cladding and internal wall and roof liners. The panels have interlocking tongue and groove joints. The standard panels are available in 0.6 mm nominal thickness.

Concealed Fastener Sandwich Panel Cladding

The Abram Udyog concealed fastener insulated panel cladding system consists of insulated panels with generally flat outer and inner facings. The panels have interlocking tongue and groove joints with fasteners concealed within the joints. The specification of the panel facings is same as for single skin KC panels. This system has very low heat transmission values, a high strength to weight ratio and are quick to assemble, hence provide a cost effective solution on a wide range of cladding applications.

Standing Seam Roof Systems

These panels help eliminate cracking and / or blistering which is common in other roof materials. It also allows roof movement for expansion and contraction along with panel strength and durability.

These panels have a vertical standing seam design and are highly flexible with concealed fasteners. They provide weather tight field seaming with no end closures. These panels enhance appearance in addition to exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This system is architecturally compatible in various applications.


Deck Panels are used in high rise buildings, office buildings and mezzanine floors in industrial buildings and warehouses. These decks can be used as a permanent shuttering to support the wet concrete and help in creating composite slabs and floor beams. The continuous flange stiffeners and deep embossments increase the load carrying capacities. They provide for a stable and rigid working platform without any need of propping. These panels are roll formed from hot dip galvanized coils of 345 MPa with thickness starting from 0.6 mm to 1.2 mm.

Deck with 41 mm depth

Deck with 54 mm depth & Deck with 75 mm depth

Deck with 55 mm depth

Curved Cladding

This type of cladding uses the Roof profile with width coverage of 1 m and a variable curve radius. They also add an extra advantage to the aesthetics of the building.

Standard Colors

Arctic White, Caribbean Blue, Desert Beige, Sun Gold, Autumn Green, Galvalume/AluZinc