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About Abram PEB

Abram PEB has acquired a reputation for providing cost effective solutions for buildings manufactured to the highest quality standards. ‘Quality’ for Abram epitomizes a combination of speed of construction, safety of the structure, sustainability against natural and man-made disasters, suitability to the purpose, unmatched pre and post sales service, scalability, and substantial savings in terms of both time and money.

Pre-engineered steel buildings consists of following components:

  • Primary Members/Main Frames
  • Secondary Members/Cold Formed Members
  • Roof & Wall Panels
  • Accessories, Buyouts, Crane System, Mezzanine System, Insulation, etc.
  • Sandwich Panels

Our product list consists of pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) applicable for factories, warehouses, metro rails, supermarkets, aircraft hangars, sports stadiums, auditoriums, etc. Other products include structural steel, sandwich panels, storage solutions, Abram Roof, Abram Wall, Abram Deep Decking Panel and Abram Standing Seam Panel.

About Abram solar

We make solar energy accessible and affordable to all. We help you bring down your day to day life costs by bringing green natural and cheap power through a onetime installation at your facility (residential, institutaional & commercial). With 25 years warranty on solar pnel, we also take care of all the maintenance and repair needs so that you can relax and focus on better things in life.

Abram solar is committed to delivereing a greener future by:

  • Providing technical excellence to ensure the successful delivery of sustainable solar energy projets promptly and in budget.
  • Delivering outstanding service to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of solar energy projects.
  • Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to local and regional communitiesacross india.
  • To create value for our clients by successfully harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled multi disciplinary engineering team in the design, delivery and operation of high quality sustainable energy solutions.

Our Esteemed Clients

Maruti Suzuki

Jain Temple


L & T

Sun Cable

Maruti True Value

Engine Brand

Havells India

Working Area

Pre Engineered Building

Pre Engineered Building is a combination of Built-up Primary members, Secondary members and Roofing and wall cladding either single skin or insulated panels. Built-up members and Secondary members form a well braced steel skeleton structure which is enveloped by Roofing and wall cladding. Thus we get an air tight, weather proof, energy efficient building to serve the need of customer.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. Depending on factors, solar panels/Bio-gas Plant help you save on your electricity bill.
Net Metering is an eco-friendly idea that encourages the power consumers to adopt the generation of solar power to manage their demand and supply of electricity.

Development Process

What Makes Us Different

Innovative Engineering

We, at Abram manufacture quality material for structural steel projects that fulfill warehouse and Industrial building requirement.

Timely Delivery

Our technical team of experts work 24*7 in order to deliver quality results to customers.

Zero Defect Guarantee

Our team of engineers assures to deliver excellent pre-engineered products with no defects.

After Installation Services

We carefully examined the products after installation and make sure that it is working properly.